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Is your Calgary, Red Deer or Alberta small business in search of the following with your IT support provider?

  • a results focused IT support plan
  • a relationship built on trust
  • a worry-free solution, allowing you to focus on your business
  • a full guarantee tied with all services
  • a hassle-free relationship; and
  • a fixed-fee, predictable and budgeted support strategy
  • and finally, someone who simply takes care of you

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Are you in need of small business computer support right now?
Is your Microsoft Small Business Server acting up?

Can't get your email on your BlackBerry?
Do you simply need a second opinion?


Call Bulletproof immediately 403.206.2233 (Calgary) or 403.340.1011 (Red Deer) and receive help right away.

Your business will receive worry-free, hassle-free, fixed fee, fully guaranteed computer support services designed for small businesses of 15 to 150 employees throughout Calgary, Red Deer and throughout Central or Southern Alberta.


Take a few minutes and watch the following 3 minutes video on what your business will receive.


If our video raised some interested on the services your firm will receive from Bulletproof and why your IT is important to the success of your business, give us a shout and we can meet with you for a no obligation discussion on how we can serve you.

Besides general small business, Bulletproof InfoTech specializes in providing a complete IT support service to the Alberta energy sector including junior oil and gas corporations, service companies to the oil patch and consulting firms within the energy market.  Bulletproof also works with accounting firms and provides a full range of IT services to Chartered Accountants, Certified General Accountants and many other financial and accounting organizations in Alberta.

What does engaging with Bulletproof mean to you?  You get a hassle-free experience, worry-free IT systems, fully guaranteed and responsive team of certified professionals who are committed to taking care of you.  You can focus on your business, meet your deadlines, engage with your clients and rest assured knowing you have a trusted IT partner taking care of things.

Bulletproof InfoTech helps small businesses just like you with a complete small business computer support program.   Whether you only use Microsoft Outlook or a wider range of computer software programs such as Accumap, Merak, Mosaic, CaseWare and others we can service your small business computer needs.


Are you in need of quality IT support which meets your budget? You are just a mouse click away from sitting down with a leader Canada's Microsoft Small Business Specialist of the Year 2009.  Get your free network consultation today.


Leverage an IT thought leader for your benefit, regain the confidence of your staff and stop spending your hard earned dollars on endless IT support bills with no benefit to your business.  Investing in the right support organization provides:



  • a company who cares about your business
  • a company who will manage the IT needs of your business
  • offer you professional guidance


Your business deserves a technology business advisor. Like your accountant, lawyer or financial planner, Bulletproof InfoTech focuses on the needs of your business and works in conjunction with you, your staff and vendors to implement solutions that will effectively add more value to your bottom line. When you look for a company to work on your technology, bring in a Trusted IT Business Advisor.


Our goal is to have you tell your friends, if they are not using Bulletproof they are missing out. Take that critical first step today by clicking here to request your meeting.



Who is Bulletproof InfoTech?


Bulletproof InfoTech serves Red Deer, Central Alberta and Calgary with cost efficient, worry-free business technology support tailored to fit any small business. Your business will benefit immediately from partnering with this Microsoft Small Business Specialist and Gold Certified Partner. You can focus on your business knowing that your technology is looked after by a team that you can trust.


Put your trust in a leader!

Your team will notice immediate benefits when you select Bulletproof InfoTech. Your assigned team of consultants are fully trained in all the latest technologies that your business requires to be successful. From Microsoft Small Business Server 2008, Windows Vista, Microsoft Office 2007 plus leading security solutions that keep your information secure and out of harm’s way. Bulletproof drinks from the same cup as you do, leveraging the exact same computer systems everyday in our own business as we recommend to you.

Why go Bulletproof?


“Ready, Aim, Fire…I can think of no better metaphor to describe the approach taken by Bulletproof InfoTech.  Their approach is methodical, their support is targeted and their service is unparalleled.”   


True-Line Contracting

Red Deer, Alberta


“I have to admit that on a daily basis I truly am glad we chose you for our IT company, without you this would have been impossible!”

Dataco Utility Services

Calgary, Red Deer and Lethbridge, Alberta

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