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Bulletproofing Alberta computer networks for over 20 years.



A 25 year veteran of the Canadian Information Technology industry, Andrew Lozier currently serves the communities across Alberta in his role as CEO at Bulletproof Infotech.

Andrew’s vision in information technology along with his passion for client experience drives his desire for constant improvement.

He believes the foundation to the overall success of Bulletproof is rooted in their incredible team of talented professionals who continuously execute on their corporate vision.

Andrew has worked with industry-leading companies to help improve corporate operating efficiency and effectiveness leveraging technology. while optimizing technology costs and investments. Andrew has a passion for continued learning, and belongs to a global peer network of business leaders.



With BulletproofIT since 2005, Sean has taken on critical roles over the years including Senior Technician, Team Lead, Service Manager, Operations Manager, Principal Consultant, Chief Technical Officer, and now President.  Passionate about implementing robust and leading edge technical solutions, his primary focus is helping to build systems that remove worry and save time for BulletproofIT’s clients, giving them a competitive edge in their industry.

Born and raised in Alberta, Sean earned a Computer Engineering degree from the University of Alberta, eventually achieving P.Eng accreditation with APEGA.  He utilizes this training, along with his SonicWALL and Microsoft designations to help build worry free, time saving solutions for BulletproofIT’s clients. Having had his choice of any role within the IT world, Sean chooses to help clients leverage technology to help run their business.

When he’s not helping clients, he spends time with his wife and three children, and enjoys hockey, golf, coaching / playing rugby, and boating. He also likes to dabble with his blog at http://blog.rucker.ca, sharing unique insights.




Born in Alkmaar, the Netherlands, René moved to Canada in 1996. Having a passion for and education in electronics and information technology, René immediately started his own IT consulting firm when he arrived here. His purpose: to help businesses leverage IT for better results.

After 12 years of double-digit growth and training talented employees (he is a certified technology trainer), René merged his company with another from Red Deer and Bulletproof InfoTech was born! To continue his growth and love of technology (including becoming a Microsoft Certified Trainer), René can be found speaking at public functions about Information Technology events for businesses. This also helps to satisfy his excitement about developments in the world of the Internet of Things, as it connects his education in electronics with computer technology.

While he is passionate about IT, he is also dedicated to give back to the community. For instance, he has been a volunteer Scout Leader for Scouts Canada for the past 14 years. Additionally, he has been a member of the Board of the Dutch Canadian Business club of Calgary. Because of his entrepreneurship, speaking abilities, and desire to share his passion, René was nominated for a Distinguished Teaching Award at Mount Royal College.



Jeff Anderson started his first business when he was 20 and is on a lifelong quest to become a better leader, critical thinker, father, and husband. He got his start in the IT industry by convincing an intoxicated computer store operator to let him work on pure commission, and then declining to go home after showing up for work the next day.

Jeff is passionate about saving time and is at his geekiest (and extreme happy place) when exploring ways to do that with technology. If you value YOUR time, do not get him started on the subject of cloud-connected workflow automation. Just know that he understands how you’ll benefit from it!

When he isn’t working, Jeff tries to learn everything about everything, but suspects that he’s falling behind. He can juggle (kind of), knows the best way to mount a toilet paper roll (paper in front, not behind), and believes that one should always use an Oxford Comma. He also believes that no one will ever read past the first sentence of this bio – so, although the rest is true, it’s been written mostly for his own amusement.

While we could go on about how we’ve been in business for over 20 years, supporting small to midsize businesses (20 – 100 employees) around Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton, we’ll let you hear it straight from our clients.

I’ve been extremely happy with the Managed IT Support Provider services provided by Bulletproof IT and would thoroughly recommend them for their high ongoing levels of customer serviceThe Coverall Shop

Awesome service every time – best investment ever!D&M Concrete Products Ltd

The Bulletproof team has been so supportive to us as an agency. This year we switched over systems and it went so smooth, well coordinated and with little to no interruption with our business. They respond quickly when we are experiencing challenges. They understand our non-profit status and find the best price an deal for our budget.
Thanks a bunch!Family Services of Central Alberta

Ready, Aim, Fire…I can think of no better metaphor to describe the approach taken by Bulletproof Infotech. Their approach is methodical, their support is targeted and their service is unparalleled.True-Line Contracting

Having Bulletproof as a Partner really reduces the stress of maintaining a modern IT system. Their ongoing monitoring is excellent at detecting small problems and/or vulnerabilities before they can become big problems. They have a range of knowledge within their staff pool that is capable of dealing with pretty much any IT issue that most businesses will encounter.Doran Stewart Oilfield Services

Bulletproof IT are an impressive team which delivers on their promises and are stand out performers in the Managed IT Support Provider sectorUnited Alarm Systems Inc.

Our Core Values

At BulletproofIT our mission is simple: to save time for humans! In other words…You!
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built for teamwork

You have our entire team focused on one vision and mission – to save humans time. Together, we’re here for each other and you 24/7, 365 days a year.

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it’s all about you

You, and your time are our top concern. We are passionate about helping you in the best possible way.

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Level Up

We assimilate what we learn, and continually improve and adapt our methods. Then we use this knowledge with all our clients.

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Come on, you didn’t think you’d work with an IT Services company without coming across a few nerd bits, did you? After all, who doesn’t love an oxford comma?

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