The Revolution of AI Within a Business Functionality

The Revolution of AI Within a Business Functionality - Bulletproof IT - Managed IT Services

Artificial intelligence is a concept that was born out of science fiction. Flying cars, holographic projections, eerily humanoid robots, take your pick of Hollywood-fuelled visuals. But if artificial intelligence is the future, then the future is already upon us. Everything from our smartphones to our cars, our manufacturing to our entertainment, is coloured by the lens of AI.


The Birth of Automation

Automated machines are not new to our society, as much as we like to believe that these ideas are modern. Early robotics, or automata, are referenced throughout the ancient world as devices used in temples and religious ceremonies. As the years went on, the function of these robots became entertainment for the wealthy. It wasn’t until the Renaissance that these machines began to take on truly global implications. Clocks and other useful devices became popular, and not just for the rich. The factories came with the Industrial Revolution, and that is where automation truly took off.


A Shift in Thinking

Automation is designing or programming a machine to perform a certain task. While this was useful, it wasn’t quite intuitive. In businesses today, automation is used when sending out the same email to thousands of clients. The machine performs a task as it is told to do, and while this still has value, modern businesses require more than just simple tasks. In a report done by the Boston Consulting Group and MIT Sloan Management Review, 84% of businesses interviewed said AI will enable them to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage.


On the Cutting Edge

Businesses are now using AI technology as a tool to improve customer service and processes, not just to imitate humans. It is a way to is spur workforce change, data management, privacy, and cross-entity collaboration in a way that no technology has been able to do before. A solid AI strategy can help a business increase revenue, gain market share or expand their products and services. One of the industries to benefit greatly from AI adoption is security. From cameras to fraud detection systems, AI is actually working to keep us safe.

Integrating AI into your business has the capability to make big changes for the better. Through AI, the ability to process and access vast amounts of data is already altering the way we do business. If you’re curious about AI can serve your small to mid-sized business, contact the IT experts at Bulletproof Infotech for a free consultation today!