Best Ways to Backup Your Content for a Modern Business

Best Ways to Backup Your Content for a Modern Business - Bulletproof Infotech - Managed IT Services

Backups are a supplement to your Disaster Recovery Plan. While they are by no means the only component, they are a huge factor in getting your business moving after a catastrophe. Having up-to-date, easy-to-access backup will allow your company to start where you left off instead of rebuilding all of the lost data. Here are some concrete, effective ways to backup your important data:


Consistent Backups

Like your business, your data is constantly changing and developing. Ensure to take backups frequently and regularly. Critical data will need a little bit more attention in this area, requiring constant backups.


Filter Your Data

If you are hoarding data for several years, backups are going to be long and tedious. Consider a series of retention schedules. This type of schedule allows for having multiple, recent backups in the instance a recovery is needed. Businesses that require a long retention span should have a backup plan that reflects that.


Remote Storage

Storing your backups in the same place as your original data is an outdated practice. Think of it like storing your vegetables all together. If the carrots start to go bad, there’s a good chance that mould is going to spread. Keep your backups off-site and off-server.


Protect Your Backups

Ensure that your backups are encrypted and protected. Even off-site backups can be accessed by prying eyes if not taken care of. Backup encryption keeps your data exactly where you need it.


Stack Your Solutions

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, consider utilizing different backup solutions. Disaster recovery is not a one-size-fits-all solution, so don’t be afraid to assess different types of backup. Having an efficient IT team on your side can help guide you to the perfect customized solution for your business.


Due to the nature of technology, backups need to be as modern as your company. Don’t waste your time investing in old methods, when the newer methods will save you time, money, and ultimately your data. To learn more about backup solutions unique to your business, contact your network specialists today!