Best Cloud Based Services for Small Businesses

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Cloud Based Services for Small Businesses

Small businesses require unique solutions for their cloud-based needs. While the most obvious caveat of small business is fewer employees, this leads to an intensely diversified workforce. Big businesses have the numbers to assign each worker specialized tasks, but their minimalist counterparts have no such ability. Instead, employees typically perform more varied tasks within a considerably larger scope. As a result of this, their IT products need to be just as adaptable.

Skype for Business

Although first built as a peer-to-peer, Skype has since transitioned into one of the most widely used cloud-based systems. Make calls using a phone, PC, Mac, or mobile. Skype does have hardware options but doesn’t rely on them for businesses to access their services. This helps to cut down on costs for smaller companies by shifting away from expensive, proprietary telephony hardware.

Microsoft Azure

With over 100 services available, Azure’s end-to-end tools can be tailor-fit to your company needs. Azure Cloud Services is a platform as a service. It is designed to support applications that are scalable, reliable, and inexpensive to operate. In addition, businesses can install their own software on virtual machines that use Azure Cloud Services.

Cisco Collaboration Cloud

Possibly the most malleable software on the market, Cisco combines iteration, security, and integration to provide the most intuitive cloud-based services on the market. By utilizing a hybrid approach, services are highly customizable for small businesses. Through this, a company has the choice to build upon their pre-existing systems.

As with any aspect of small business, adaptability and flexibility are key to achieving the best results. Having an experienced managed IT provider can help your company flourish with products and services tailored to your business. Call the IT experts at Bulletproof Infotech today to discover which cloud-based services would work best for your small business!