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Offering you and your staff full support, including applications like the CCH Suite, Quickbooks and Simply Accounting, allowing you to focus on your accounting business…Not on IT.

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Bringing predictability in an unpredictable industry. Enjoy a customized managed service plans, support, and guidance with your computer and network services for your competitive edge.

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Medical & Dental

We understand the need for stability in your practice. Saving time for your team is our number one focus.

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Worry about your business and clients, not your IT support. Let Bulletproof focus on your user support, network stability, security and efficiency. Guaranteed support at a fixed fee cost.

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Your non-profit relies on technology now more than ever. Reaching out to new donors and serving more people means even more reliance on your technology.

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Municipalities / Local Government

Constituents, a truly unique brand of “customer,” require a blend of quality service, quick answers and trustworthy guidance. [company_short] provides tools and support to help you satisfy those needs, at a price that fits in a government budget.

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I have used several IT companies throughout my career, none can compare with BULLETPROOF IT. They are extremely competent, professional and courteous. Our service needs are met in a timely and efficient manner. I can’t afford to not work with BULLETPROOF

– Ian Wheeliker, Executive Director Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter

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– Why Bulletproof Managed Services? –

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fixed monthly fee

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reduced downtime

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vendor management

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peace of mind

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help desk

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it budgeting

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predictable service

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Can your IT support model survive vacation days, sick days, and snow days?

Our FREE eBook lays out a system that can

As technology consultants and technicians, the [company_short] team spends a lot of time convincing clients just how important IT is to their profit. But if that’s true…is outsourcing really the best solution? It is, and we’ve got the eBook to prove it.