Network Infrastructure

Your organization deserves the best devices and products on the market. By working with industry leaders, we are able to provide our clients with award winning technologies for network infrastructure.

Network Switches and Routers

Switches and routers are the fundamental products that enable communication. By creating and connecting networks, these indispensable devices play a vital role in any business. They can be used to connect computers, phones, lights, cameras, and servers within a single building or set of buildings. Your network depends on the quality of your switches and routers, so we only offer the best in the business from Cisco Meraki, HP, and Netgear.

Firewall Protection

Having superb connectivity can sometimes come at the price of security. We want to ensure you don’t have to sacrifice quality on either end of the spectrum. That’s why we work with SonicWall’s TZ series to bring our clients the best protection without having to eschew communication. The TZ series boasts five different next generation models that can protect against threats over both wired and wireless connections.

Wireless AP/ WiFi

Wireless AP, or wireless access points, are instruments by which WiFi devices can connect to a wired network. As both wireless and wired connections are common and often necessary in many organizations, it’s important to have a network infrastructure that supports this. For this, we utilize access and aggregation switches through Cisco Meraki. No more complicated configuration, just plug it in. These intuitive devices can be ready to use in mere minutes. Furthermore we offer solutions for range extension, when your wireless just isn’t reaching far enough.

Using these tools, our expert team of computer support specialists can help transform your network infrastructure into a well-oiled system. Contact us today to get started!