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As a small or medium business in Alberta ourselves, we get it. Process, clarity, saving time, these are all things that are top priorities for any business. Anything that can throw a wrench into your day takes away from what’s really important- helping you build your business and support your own clients. With BulletproofIT’s netSHIELD Managed IT services, you can better leverage your time, your resources, and even your stress. You will receive a stable platform for your business, and your users will have our full support.

Flat Fee Service Plan

With BulletproofIT, you receive a Flat Fee solution, allowing you to focus on your business.

Proactive Support

With BulletproofIT, you have a partner to support you, your staff, and your IT. No matter the urgency, time of day, or technology issue that arises. We keep you remaining functional to meet the needs of your clients.

Improved Efficiency

We’re passionate about Alberta businesses and are committed to setting you up for an efficient business. With our managed services agreement, we guarantee that you’ll be more efficient, keeping you and your own clients happier!


Bulletproof IT is a professional outfit that delivers results on time and offer great value. I highly recommend them.

– Heather, Non-Profit Community Services

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