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We relieve doctors and dentists of IT stress.

We provide IT services and solutions designed to meet the needs of medical and dental practices. With our services, your practice is secure, and your patients’ data kept confidential. We understand the need for stability in your practice. Saving time for your team is our number one focus.

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Flat Fee Service Plan

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Our technology solutions are easy on your budget. With our all-inclusive, flat-fee monthly subscription, you’ll get 24/7 support and best-in-class managed services that cover all aspects of healthcare IT.

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Proactive Support

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We take a proactive approach to managing your technology. With our 24/7 network and systems monitoring, data backup and recovery plans, and on-demand technical support, we ensure your IT operates soundly with almost zero downtime events.

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Improved Efficiency

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We equip your business with the latest productivity-boosting tools. Our Cloud and VoIP solutions will streamline your team’s collaborations while our proactive managed IT services will rid you of all the IT hassles.

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Your team ROCKS. You are friendly, helpful, and very patient. Thank you guys and gals at Bulletproof.

– Heather, Non-Profit Community Services

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Is Your IT and Network Support Providing the Predictability You Need?

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