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Meetings are integral to the success of any business. These gatherings allow your team to communicate and discuss new ideas, touch base on current happenings, and ultimately develop strategies to reach their goals. Modern business means modern modes of communication. One of the most popular of these is video conferencing. Video conferencing creates a space for collaboration without your employees all having to be in the same room. In this way, your team can work more efficiently than ever.

The Value of Being Front and Centre

By using state-of-the-art video conferencing solutions like all-in-one desktop collaboration from Cisco, every member of the meeting gets a front row seat. By combining HD video and voice, your team will experience crystal clear audio and visual, ensuring that no one will miss anything that is going on. With products that clear desk clutter while also enhancing a meeting experience, our clients find that their employees are more productive and engaged during their meetings than ever before.

Bringing People Together

With extended web conferencing and Webex webcasting, it’s no wonder that 95% of Fortune 500 companies are using video-enabled Cisco collaboration solutions. These solutions work with third-party devices, providing an intuitive user experience. Employees, partners, and team members can all work together towards a common goal using Cisco’s common, easy-to-use technology. In addition, tools like the Cisco Webex Room OS allows members to use whiteboard and annotate shared content, allowing your video conference call to feel just like an in-person meeting.

Cross-Country Collaboration

With several options to fit any business, Cisco video conferencing can be tailored for your needs. With excellent IT support from Bulletproof Infotech, your meetings will be transformed from broken audio and frozen video, to an exquisite re-imagining of the video conferencing experience. Cisco solutions allow you to have interactive and engaging meetings, no matter how spread out your team might be around the world.

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